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Let's strengthen Maine's economy

Alliance for Maine

Let's Strengthen Maine's Economy

The Alliance for Maine is a non-partisan, community-based effort to educate Mainers about our economic challenges and the need for a plan to repair and grow our economy.

Our workforce is shrinking. Our good-paying production jobs are being replaced by lower-paying service jobs. Compared to the rest of the nation, our wages are lower, but our cost of living is higher. Our economy is highly dependent on spending from the federal government.

These conditions are choking economic growth and threatening our future.


Growing Maine's Economy Together

Key Issues

How do we put Maine on a path toward economic prosperity?

It starts with having a long-term economic plan. The strength of Maine’s economy has been weakening for decades due to our aging population, loss of good-paying jobs and high costs of living.


Foundational Jobs

A “foundational job” is one that adds value to our economy. It supports other jobs and pays for public programs.



Maine has a shrinking workforce, a loss of good-paying jobs, declining wages, higher taxes and higher cost of living.


Maine Rankings

Economically, Maine currently ranks in the bottom 10 of all 50 states for energy, cost of living, property taxes, etc.



Maine is 0.4% of the U.S. population and 0.3% of the U.S. GDP, yet it gets just 0.1% of the U.S. venture capital investment.


Strategic Plan

Maine needs a long-term strategic plan for growing foundational jobs that helps us build a brighter economic future.


Legislative Reform

Maine should require that every new proposed law is reviewed for its impact on Maine’s economic development goals.


Our Solutions

Maine's path toward economic prosperity starts with having a strategic plan that includes:

Growing Foundational Jobs

Bringing (and keeping) good-paying jobs for Maine.

Improving our Workforce

Educating and training tomorrow’s workforce.

Making Maine Attractive

Reducing costs for Maine families and businesses.

Legislative Reform

Evaluating the economic impact of new laws.

Our Solutions

Maine's path toward economic prosperity starts with having a strategic plan.