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Just How Many Jobs are Supported by a “Foundational Job?”

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    Just How Many Jobs are Supported by a “Foundational Job?”

    All jobs are important, but some are “foundational.” Foundational jobs are those that support other jobs from suppliers, repair companies, and professional services such as bankers, lawyers, insurance providers and more.

    But the list doesn’t stop there. There are literally dozens of jobs that can be connected to just one foundational job. Make no mistake – these related jobs are important and provide valuable service and support to foundational jobs. But the fact remains, these service jobs depend on the value and economic activity that comes from foundational jobs.

    The power of foundational jobs doesn’t just end in the private sector, either. All of these jobs generate taxes and fees to the government that support a long list of public sector jobs, such as public safety and education.

    To illustrate what type of jobs are foundational, AFM has published videos looking at businesses in three industries: construction, manufacturing, and sawmills. Each of these videos shows all of the related jobs and services that are supported by these foundational jobs.

    You can watch these videos here.