Education Leads to Success

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The Need for Better Education

There’s no disputing the connection between education and economic success for individuals and the places they live. Places with more educated people generate more quality jobs. Educated people are more successful and create more jobs. People with skills fill those jobs and help everyone succeed. Places with quality schools and educated people are more prosperous over time.

The Problem

Overall, Maine ranks 40th out of 50 states for higher education. Younger students simply leave after they graduate from high school to get a college education in another state, and the educated people who do attend colleges in Maine are leaving the state when they graduate to find better employment opportunities; they aren’t staying here. This means Maine’s existing workforce isn’t growing, and it’s getting older.

The Solution

Maine has a terrific higher education network, made up of public universities and private colleges. We need to build on UMO, USM and other UMS campuses, as well as Thomas, Hudson, Bates, Bowden, Colby, UNE, the community colleges and all our other educational institutions to attract people and develop valuable professional skills.

But we also need to train people who aren’t college bound for skilled positions in the trades and elsewhere. There are hundreds if not thousands of potential high quality jobs available or that could be created in Maine for people with the skills to match up with 21st Century employment needs.

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