Struggling to Compete

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The High Cost of Operating a Business in Maine

It’s no secret that Maine is struggling to compete. Our high taxes, high energy costs, and high healthcare costs make it hard for businesses to thrive. And our depressed wages and limited economic growth make it difficult for families to get ahead. But we can turn things around. Maine needs a concerted strategy to overcome these obstacles. We need to reduce costs and create more jobs. That’s why the Alliance for Maine is working to support small businesses to grow jobs and our economy.

Fundamental Steps to Making Maine Economically Appealing

Reducing Costs One of the key ways we can make Maine more appealing is by reducing the cost of doing business here. Many of Maine’s hard-working citizens struggle to make a living. This is largely due to the high costs that come with living in the state. But if we can come together to lower these costs, Maine will be more appealing—not only to those who already live and work here but to outsiders, as well. In doing so, we could see a significant spike in people choosing to stay in Maine or move here from other states/countries. Creating More Jobs We also need to create more jobs in Maine. This will help families get ahead and bring more tax dollars into our economy. As a whole, Maine has lost a substantial number of jobs over the last 40+ years. How can we rectify these losses? One way is by investing in our workforce and supporting businesses that create jobs. These investments will help Maine’s businesses to compete and grow, eventually leading to more job opportunities for our citizens. Bringing in More Tax Dollars Finally, we need to bring in more tax dollars to grow our economy. One way to do this is by supporting businesses that bring in money from outside of our state. This could include businesses that rely on tourism, exports, or online sales. By supporting these businesses, we can help to grow Maine’s economy and bring in more tax revenue. Maine is currently losing many long-term workers to retirement. And because there aren’t enough young workers to take over for them, job losses continue. But with the right approach, we can change this. We can make Maine a more appealing place to work and live for everyone.

Join Our Fight to Help Businesses Compete

The Alliance for Maine is committed to working with lawmakers, business leaders, and families to make these changes happen. We know it won’t be easy, but we are confident that we can make Maine a great place to live, work, and raise a family. With your help, we can make Maine the best state in the nation. Join our mailing list to get our email newsletter and stay in the know about upcoming events and opportunities to help Maine businesses compete.