A Close-Up Look at Foundational Jobs

Foundational jobs don’t exist in isolation. If there’s a foundational job, there is a company that makes that job possible.

AFM recently posted videos featuring several companies that provide foundational jobs: Atlantic Great Dane, Sabre Yachts, Lucas Tree, Limmington Lumber, and Kennebec Tech.

These Maine companies provide critical jobs that help support families, build our communities and power our economy. The economic activity they generate supports countless other jobs at companies that provide supplies and services. And they support public safety, education and other public services by generating taxes for Maine.

Businesses – whether small entrepreneurs or large corporations – are the ones that invest money and create the ability to make a product. Businesses buy supplies, hire workers, build facilities and figure out how to sell their products.

In the end, a “business” is simply a way that people organize themselves to accomplish a particular task, produce something of value and earn income. A job is the direct result of the time, effort and money spent by business.

By taking a closer look at these foundational companies, we can clearly see the critical role that businesses play in our economy and quality of life.