Why Foundational Jobs Matter

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The Importance of Foundational Jobs to Maine’s Economy

There are many different types of jobs in Maine that are important to our economy. However, it is foundational jobs – those jobs that add value, create goods, or bring money into the state – that are the bedrock of our economy.

The Economic Benefits of Foundational Jobs

Foundational jobs, simply put, add value to Maine’s economy by producing goods and services or bringing money in from outside the state. For example, a manufacturing job may produce a product that is then sold to another state. The money from that product goes into Maine’s economy, and helps pay for business expansion, job growth, and jobs in the service sectors. In addition, business and individual incomes in foundational sectors create wealth and pay taxes for government services such as firefighters, law enforcement, education, natural resource protection, transportation, and more. Examples of foundational jobs include:

These jobs are the backbone of Maine’s economy. They are absolutely vital for the future of the state and the prosperity of its citizens.

How We Can Refocus On Foundational Jobs

Unfortunately, the focus has progressively shifted from foundational jobs to service industry jobs. While these jobs are important, they are dependent on and can’t exist without foundational jobs. The path to a more prosperous Maine starts with a detailed plan to focus on foundational jobs. An ideal long-term economic plan should include several key aspects, among them are:
That’s the heart of the Alliance for Maine’s mission. We aim to address many of the challenges impacting Maine’s economy in recent years, such as a shrinking population, an increased cost of living, and a stagnant economy. Foundational jobs are essential to Maine’s future. Please sign up to our email newsletter to stay informed and help us work towards a brighter economic future for Maine.