Foundational Jobs Create Other Jobs

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Foundational Jobs: Key to Overall Economic Growth

Foundational jobs are absolutely vital for Maine’s future and its economic prosperity. In contrast with service jobs, foundational jobs create goods or services or bring money in from out of state. Foundational jobs create value or bring money into Maine’s economy, rather than recirculating dollars already here.

Over time, foundational jobs have become less common in Maine. But if we work together, we can change that by promoting policies that encourage new investment in foundational jobs, from within Maine and from away.

Example Case: Limmington Lumber

Limmington Lumber is a local Maine lumber company that has owned and operated a white pine sawmill in the western part of the state since 1961.

Limmington Lumber makes trim boards, furniture components, exterior siding for homes, barns, and cottages, and much more. All of these products are, in turn, used by people in Maine and elsewhere. Much of Limmington’s total product gets shipped out of state, bringing money into Maine as a foundational company.

To support its operation, Limmington provides a wide range of foundational jobs to people who live locally.. These jobs include:

How Limmington Creates Jobs for Other Businesses

But how does Limmington Lumber also contribute to the economy by making other jobs? In a variety of ways:

Put simply, Limmington Lumber creates jobs for other businesses by participating in the local economy. All of these jobs generate income that is spent at local shops, restaurants and service companies. They also generate tax money for state and local government to provide public services, like public safety and education.

As you can see, the foundational jobs created by Limmington Lumber generate many direct and downstream economic benefits for Maine. We need to foster a positive economic environment so more foundational jobs like these come to the state in the future.

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