Investment creates jobs. But what creates investment?

Jobs start with investments made by investors and entrepreneurs who believe in their ideas and are committed to creating a better future.  These people and organizations have choices, and they consistently choose stable economic environments that generate the greatest returns on investment.


Maine’s industries—like paper-making—have been affected by changes in consumer demands, technological advances, and other factors.  These companies, too, had choices; they could have innovated here or moved away.  In 1951, manufacturing accounted for 43% of non-agricultural jobs in Maine; today that number is under 8.5%.  Manufacturers left Maine because almost every American state provides a better alternative for investment.


Maine needs a strategy for attracting investment.  We need to create an economic environment where investors will take risks, where they will help build Maine’s future, where they can get a return on investment as good or better than other states.  That’s the only way to create a future for our children that connects to the 21st Century economy and creates much needed foundational jobs.  A top priority of any public policy must be to support people who build things, do things, bring money into Maine, and provide for people’s basic needs.


We need a plan.