Maine Competes with Other States for Investment

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The Problem

Job creation requires skilled workers and investment, two areas where Maine ranks lowest among U.S. states. Maine needs to invest in training, but it also needs to attract the money required to launch and grow companies that employ workers.

The Challenge

Maine competes with other states for Investment. When investors look at Maine, they find public policies that make it tough to provide workers with quality jobs, including high costs and tax burdens, lack of workers, poor infrastructure and burdensome business regulations.

The Solution

Maine needs a strategic plan that focuses on creating more foundational jobs, like those provided by Kennebec Technologies.

For over 40 years Kennebec Technologies has been providing world-class precision machining. Employing over 60 exceptional metalworking professionals, the company uses the latest machine tool technology and advanced manufacturing processes to create complex, tight tolerance, high volume machine components and assemblies.

Their customers include aerospace and defense companies, medical device manufacturers, semiconductor component manufacturers, telecommunications, and alternative energy equipment manufacturers. Kennebec Technologies is an outstanding example of what it takes to provide quality jobs and succeed in the 21st century economy.

Manufacturing is foundational, and turning raw metal materials into value-added, world-class products that can be sold out of state brings wealth, profits, and prosperity to Maine. That’s exactly what it takes to support families, expand the tax base, and pay for the social services and public sectors.

We can use Kennebec technologies and similar companies as examples of how to build an important sector of our future economy.

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