Investment Benefits People

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The creation of foundational jobs requires investment.  People need capital to fund operations, pay salaries, buy equipment, and build offices and factories.  Investors need to be encouraged to risk their money to support business and job growth.  For that to happen, Maine has to be seen as a superior place to invest, but Maine’s lacking a strategic plan to attract investment.

How does investing in Maine business help Maine people?

Foundational jobs require two things: skilled workers and investment.  We’re talking about investing in business to help create jobs. A popular response to that has been, “Don’t invest in business, invest in people!” 

Well, business is people…

Business is just the way people organize themselves to get things done. For example, if you drive a car, eat food, wear clothes – all of those things were produced, delivered, and provided by businesses. So, when you invest in business to grow jobs and pay wages, you are investing in people. And people reinvest in their communities, growing other jobs, paying for local goods and services, and paying taxes for public services.  But it all starts with creating the right conditions to attract investment in foundational jobs. Maine needs a comprehensive plan to get this done. 

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