Investment Is How We Build Our Future

Let's strengthen Maine's economy


The Alliance has been saying for years that Maine needs a comprehensive state plan, and Governor Mills did adopt one. She should be commended for the work done to this point; it’s an excellent start. The Governor’s plan focuses on workforce development and innovation, two of the key components of any plan, but it doesn’t include a strategy for attracting the investment we need to grow more good paying jobs for a stronger, more sustainable economy.


Money can either be used to buy things today, or invested to make for a better tomorrow. Investment is a vote of confidence in the future. When investment helps start a new business or expand an existing one, it creates new jobs and pumps more money into Maine’s economy and our local communities. It stimulates spending and generates tax dollars, helping the individual workers, their families, their neighborhood and our entire state. The governor’s strategic plan is a great start, but it’s incomplete. What will it take for Maine to be more attractive than other states to new businesses with 21st century jobs? That’s the question we should seek to answer.

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