Taking Issues in Isolation

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

How Maine has Historically Enacted Policies

Over the past several decades, Maine’s state government and Legislature have often enacted policies in isolation. In other words, we’ve passed laws, started initiatives, and otherwise proceeded with policies without considering how they impact other laws, interact with other policies, affect the overall economy, influence investors, and impact many other strategic, long term factors.

The Problem with Maine’s Past Policymaking

The isolation-style policymaking has occurred in numerous area, such as:

Over time, this method of passing policies in isolation has left Maine with a patchwork of regulations and no vision or plan for achieving prosperity for its citizens.

The Future of Policymaking in Maine

Rather than look at each issue in isolation, Maine’s voters and state government officials should consider how each individual policies affect the broader strategy for the state. For example, if we want to approve expenditures for a new program, we should consider the impact of those higher costs on Maine’s ability to attract investment and create and retain jobs. What will it ultimately do to the tax base? Retention of young people? Housing costs? Energy costs? Health care delivery? Demographics?

Maine needs to develop a comprehensive strategic plan and then use it to evaluate legislation and other public policy proposals. Sign up for our newsletter today!