We Need to Plan for the Future Now

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The State of Jobs in Maine

Maine has a lot to offer, whether you’re a long-term resident or a visitor. Our gorgeous environment, natural resources, and welcoming people make our state unique.

However, it’s very difficult to run a successful business in Maine. Due to a combination of high business costs and other economic factors, businesses are not growing or coming to Maine. That could change if Maine provided supportive policies and a more competitive business environment.

How This Negatively Affects the Economy

Whether it is realized or acknowledged, the jobs created by businesses – large and small – are the backbone of Maine’s economy and make our way of life possible. Without stable, good-paying job opportunities, families cannot afford their monthly bills, housing, transportation and other expenses, local businesses cannot succeed, government services would go unfunded, and our communities would fail. The result is a negative spiral where our residents leave our towns or the state entirely in search of better opportunities, draining more human and financial capital out of Maine.

Strategic Planning – The Way to a Brighter Future

Although the economic situation is currently poor, it doesn’t have to stay that way. A strong strategic plan can help right the ship and lead Maine to a prosperous, brighter economic future for everyone involved.

It all starts with prioritizing and incentivizing foundational job creation. By enacting policies in an integrated way according to a long-term vision, we can make it easier for businesses to employ people in the foundational job sectors like forestry, fishing, and manufacturing.

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