The Goals of a Strategic Plan

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

Any successful strategic plan for a brighter economic future for Maine must focus on dealing with employment throughout the state. To that end, the goals of that strategic plan should include certain key elements.

Attract a Workforce for the Future

The first of these is attracting a young, skilled, and professional workforce for the future. Maine’s economy is shrinking and its workforce is getting smaller. Our state cannot sustain this net loss of workers – it must attract people and grow Maine’s various industries and businesses.

Improve Maine’s Competitiveness

But we need good-paying job opportunities to draw high-skilled, young workers to Maine. That means we must improve Maine’s competitiveness for business start-ups, relocations, and investment, especially in comparison to surrounding states like New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, and more. Furthermore, a strategic plan should make bolstering Maine’s state economic brand a serious goal. The brand, in a nutshell, is how outsiders view the state and its economic potential. Right now, Maine isn’t seen as a very serious economic contender – with high costs, regulatory barriers, a small workforce, and a remote location, we simply fail to offer any competitive advantages to businesses that have options when looking to locate their operations. But Maine’s brand could be significantly better and more desirable. We have a wealth of natural resources, our state provides great natural beauty, and our people are welcoming and hard-working. A strategic plan for Maine’s future starts with you and your fellow citizens. Sign up for our newsletter today to get involved and stay informed.