Improving Maine’s Business Climate

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

Maine’s Business Climate Is at an Impasse

Maine is at a crossroads when it comes to its business climate. At present, the state struggles with high taxes, high operating costs, limited resources, and diminishing jobs.

The regulatory environment for businesses in Maine is complex, burdensome and unstable. The same goes for our tax system. These policies consistently hold back growth for small businesses.

So, how do we improve things?

Steps to Make Maine’s Business Climate More Competitive

The Alliance for Maine is committed to working with legislators, business leaders, and the community to improve Maine’s business climate because, ultimately, opportunities for more good-paying jobs is good for Mainers and our entire state.

We Can Ensure a Brighter Future for All

A bright future for Maine businesses means a bright future for Maine as a whole. We need to attract businesses while retaining the ones we have in order to create jobs and grow our economy.

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