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A Cost for Maine

Foundational jobs pay for service and public sector jobs and programs. If everyone worked for the government, they’d have to be taxed 100% to pay themselves. Money for government comes from jobs that create value or bring money into Maine from out of state. Of course, public sector jobs providing police and fire protection, education, parks, roads, and government services are critically important to a successful state, but it is key to remember that they are dependent on the private sector for funding.

First and foremost, public sectors should not be so expensive that they put the private sector at a competitive disadvantage for growth and investment. Second, public services should be administered efficiently with maximum value for the dollars spent. Maine’s public sector fails on both counts.

The government cost per capita in Maine is substantially higher than in many other states, and when new programs or costs are added little if anything is done to implement efficiencies or offsetting cost reductions to make government more efficient or less expensive. This equates to higher taxes, fewer jobs, and fewer young people and families staying in Maine.

So, what’s the answer?

Shrinking Maine’s Government

Here at the Alliance for Maine, we are dedicated to promoting a more efficient state government through education and advocacy.

We believe that a more efficient state government will lead to more economic opportunity and prosperity for all Mainers.

We are committed to working with anyone who shares our goal of making Maine a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Maine Can and Should Be a Prosperous State

Presently, high taxes and a hostile regulatory environment discourage job creation and economic development in Maine. Reserving those factors could facilitate investment, job growth, prosperity, and better living standards for all Mainers. Maine’s taxes need to be seat at a level that enables our businesses to compete successfully and that attracts investment and then regulations and operations need to be efficient and effective with high value–only as much government as necessary operating at high efficiency.

Join the Fight

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