“Tooning” In to Maine’s Economic Challenges

Facing Maine’s economic challenges is going to take real engagement and involvement by us all.

We can’t leave it to the politicians in Augusta – who operate in a system that rarely looks beyond the next election.

We can’t leave it to the special interests – who are simply vying for their own agendas and, usually, spinning the facts.

It can’t just be business, or labor, or environmentalists. We’re all in this together.

But, first, we all have to agree that Maine’s economy is struggling, our prospects for turning this around are not bright, and we have no plan to rebuild our job base for the future.

That’s why the Alliance for Maine commissioned a short cartoon from local Maine animators at PuckerBrush – previously known as O’Chang. In a short cartoon that runs under two minutes, these talented folks describe why “foundational jobs” are the key to rebuilding our economy in a fun and humorous way.

The response online has been terrific. While we don’t agree with all of the comments, we are thrilled that a broader range of Mainers is now engaging on our economic future.

We hope you enjoy and join the discussion!