A Vision for Maine’s Future

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

Maine’s Many Stellar Qualities

Although Maine is not the largest or most populous state, it has many positive qualities that make it a wonderful place to put down roots, pursue a career, and raise a family. Indeed, our state’s small size, human scale, and the personal relationships that it fosters make it unlike any other state in the union.

Furthermore, Maine has a wonderful environment and many plentiful natural resources. As one of 50 American states, Maine has great potential to become an engine for economic prosperity. People who live here could enjoy a very high quality of life and help contribute to a thriving economy throughout the country.

But Maine Could Do Better

However, Maine has not reached its potential, and its economy is currently declining. Maine could do a lot better in a variety of areas, including:

Right now, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors do not think of Maine as a good place to do business. But that could change in the future.

Maine’s Future Lies in Attracting Young People and Investors

A brighter future for Maine lies in attracting young people, innovators and investors.

If Maine’s economy is to not just survive but thrive in the decades ahead, we must create and pass policies that incentivize business creation, lead to the growth of foundational jobs, and attract young people and investors.

Unfortunately, Maine’s policymaking system has become bogged down by partisan division and politicized, short-term actions focused on the next election but not Maine’s long-term future. Our legislature needs to work more collaboratively and more comprehensively toward sustained economic prosperity for all Mainers. That work needs to start with a plan to grow foundational jobs.

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