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American Politics: Dominated by Partisanship

It’s no secret that the state of American politics is woefully disappointing. Right now, politicians on both sides of the political spectrum constantly levy accusations and refuse to work together. Politics is more characterized by fighting to win one over the other guy than it is to do what’s right.

It’s because of this partisanship that often major issues are not addressed at either the federal or state level. Divisive politics in Maine have fostered a lack of cooperation and a tendency to support short-term self-interested policies that help incumbents get re-elected.

Right now, people are often more interested in beating the other side than in compromising. This runs contrary to the very heart of democracy, which requires compromising and accepting that you are never 100% right and that one side never has 100% of the answers.

Fixing Democracy is Our Responsibility

Unfortunately, this political challenge isn’t something we can wait for someone else to fix. As the United States of America, and as the world’s premier democracy, fixing our political system starts with us. We can only rely on ourselves to fix our politics and overcome the partisanship currently affecting Maine’s economy.

That starts with listening to the other side, looking for common ground, and supporting a long-term vision for all Mainers. It’s time to let compromise and democracy take the front seat once again. Only by compromising with each other and by understanding that we all want what’s best for Maine, even if we see things a little differently, can we launch effective political policies and incentives to stimulate job growth, bring foundational jobs back to Maine, and make Maine a great place for young professionals and families.

We Need Legislative Reform

But it’s not just up to us – we also need to push for serious legislative reform. For too long, Maine’s economy has been hampered by politicians who enact partisan policies in isolation, without research and without consideration for how laws might impact other areas of our public policy. This shortsighted approach has led to negative effects on the economy for decades.

Instead, we need to push for legislative reform that prioritizes:

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