How to Depoliticize Our Economy

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The Problems with Politicization

Politicization and polarization are the new standards in American politics and this has extended to Maine’s legislative process. Unfortunately, politicization and partisanship have caused serious setbacks to Maine’s economy.

Partisanship results in Americans not trusting each other just because they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. No matter which party you vote for, the other side is not 100% wrong, nor can you think of your side as 100% right.

In fact, politicization and polarization usually lead only to net negatives, including:

How to Learn to Compromise Again

Perhaps more than anything else, Mainers need to learn how to compromise with each other once again, as well as depoliticize our economy.

For too long, we have allowed partisan political considerations to create isolated changes or initiatives. While these can generate short-term, self-interested support, they can alsolead to lasting problems and harm to the economy.

It’s imperative that we collectively learn to compromise again by:

The Benefits of Depoliticizing Our Economy

Depoliticizing Maine’s economy is of vital importance. Our economy faces serious challenges, including lack of competitiveness with other states, a shrinking workforce, and high costs for business that prevent job creation and high living costs for families. The solutions to these challenges should not be political or partisan. They need to be based on solid facts and research. They need solutions from both sides of the aisle that form a long-term, comprehensive plan to grow Maine’s economy through foundational jobs, which will achieve our collective goals for a strong economy, thriving communities and prosperous families.

Above all else, depoliticizing our economy will let us remember that we’re all in this together. We cannot solve the major problems facing Maine’s economy by blaming one side and putting all of our trust in the other. Learn more and stay tuned into the issues with the Alliance for Maine’s newsletter.