Beyond Partisan Divides

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

We live in a time when American politics is characterized and dominated by partisanship. No matter which side of the political aisle you might stand on, you cannot deny that divisiveness and infighting are now chief forces in both the state and federal governments.

Both sides constantly accuse the other of being at fault. Nothing gets done, and politicians cannot agree on universally beneficial concepts that would help all Americans regardless of political party.

This is a very sad state for the world’s foremost democracy. More worrisome, it has wide-ranging negative effects on our national and state economies, including Maine’s.

Why Partisan Politics Hurts Maine’s Economy

Indeed, partisan politics continues to damage Maine’s economy in a variety of ways. When politicians can’t agree on basic and helpful initiatives:

Maine’s economy is already challenged enough. It doesn’t need the additional burden of an ineffective state government and people who refuse to work together for the greater good.

We need to reach out to our neighbors, agree to compromise, and encourage elected representatives to do what’s best for Maine and the economy as a whole. This wide-ranging political change starts with us, and you can get in touch with people like you and learn more about the issues affecting Maine by signing up for the Alliance for Maine’s newsletter today.