The Need for Compromise

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The Lack of Compromise Hurts Maine’s Economy

The American political system has become dominated by partisanship, infighting, and a failure to compromise. This is also reflected in Maine’s legislative system. Our politicians are often concerned with responding to their supporters and narrow, short-term, self-interested “asks” as opposed to enacting policies to benefit all Mainers.

The lack of compromise isn’t just found in our politicians, however. Many average Mainers find it harder and harder to compromise with or appreciate people on the other side of the political aisle. This is toxic for the economy, for our character, and for us as people.

Neither Side is 100% Right or Wrong

Ultimately, neither side, and no political idea, is 100% right or wrong on any given issue. No one has all the right answers, and no one can look into a crystal ball and immediately decide the perfect process to solve a given issue.

But many Americans and Mainers refuse to see this. They believe that their side is always 100% right and the other party is always 100% wrong. This prevents us from making meaningful progress toward bolstering the economy and growing foundational jobs throughout the state.

Compromise Starts with Us

While the state of things is not very optimistic right now, we can change starting today. In fact, a new push to work compromise and bipartisanship starts with us.

Reach out to your neighbors. Have conversations with people who hold political views other than your own. And most importantly, support and encourage politicians who are willing to reach across the aisle and compromise with people from other parties to get things done.

At the end of the day, legislative reform is the only way Maine’s economy will grow and survive future economic challenges. Join the Alliance for Maine today.