Returning to our Principles

Let's strengthen Maine's economy

The US is a truly remarkable country. It was founded on a set of ideals and principles we’ve largely followed throughout our long history. These principles include the rule of law, democracy, and freedom for everyone to pursue happiness and prosperity for themselves and their families.

However, recent trends have indicated that many Americans are no longer interested in upholding these historical principles. We’re now much more partisan and polarized in our politics. Many of us downplay the rule of law, undervalue representative government, and just want to make sure that our side wins and the other side loses.

Modern Problems Facing Maine

These problems go far beyond a lack of civil discourse at the dinner table. Maine is facing serious issues in terms of its economy and democratic processes. Maine’s legislature is often gridlocked. It is difficult to get anything done or to pass potentially beneficial legislation because it is seen as giving in to the other side or not serving narrow special interests. All of which makes it difficult to establish effective, long-term policies that benefit all Mainers.

How to Change Maine’s Course for the Better

Fortunately, we can change Maine’s course for the better by returning to our principles of representative government, checks and balances, and compromise. The essence of democracy is compromise, and while we have the power, we don’t have the right to betray the Founding Fathers, almost 250 years of history, and everyone who fought and sacrificed for our form of government.

One key to changing Maine’s course for the better lies in legislative reform. We must return to bipartisanship and compromise above all else. We must also support representatives who will take meaningful, positive steps toward correcting the state economy, such as:

Ultimately, by returning to our shared principles and commitment to a common good, we can ensure Maine stays “the way life should be.” Stay informed with the Alliance for Maine newsletter.